Client Testimonials


Your guys did a great job with the chemical wash for my two units. One of my units went from just blowing room temp air out to blowing out cooled air after they finished. Will recommend to my circles.

Hi, your team came to my house on the following day after feedback. We are very satisfied with your service! Definitely will call you again for our future aircon services!

It was my first time engaging Aircon Arena.I must say, I am very satisfied with their service! The cleaning/servicing was done professionally and thorough. They even shared few tips as to how I should take care of the air con. Look forward to engaging their services again.

I saw all the good comments so i have contacted them last week. 1 of my unit has water dripping problem , advised chemical cleaning and the rest two unit with general cleaning service. Now all my aircons working like news.They are very responsible staffs and provided good service. Excellent!!!

Good response to query and efficient service rendered, even my mom who seldom give praises told me that the technicians are meticulous, they protected my wall and floor before taking the two FCU down for chemical cleaning. Thank you for the job WELL DONE!

This is my first time engaging their service. Tip top service from the technician. Price very reasonable. Recommended to my friend on the nite after their service done.
Thank you so much…..

I want to commend the team from arena aircon engineering pte ltd , especially Seong as he was very honest and patient. Seong came on 27 Aug 2016 during the evening to repair my aircon. He explained what was wrong with my air con and gave me a better suggestion to reduce the cost. I ended up saving money and the end result was just as good. He was efficient and effective and solved my problems. I highly recommend this company especially Seong. Kudos to Seong.

Hi. I would like to compliment the job well done by your 2 staffs. They had shown professionalism and I’m happy with their service. Would strongly recommend others. Well done and keep up the good work.

This is the first time that I used AA to service the air con units in my home today. They came within the promised window of time and did a great job servicing my air con units. Thanks for a job well done.

Servicing Appointment booked on 25th Aug for today 30th Aug servicing. Rushing home waited for the servicing team, ended up received a call saying asking me to reschedule as they cannot come.
Really disappointed with the service. In the first place if your service team is shortage of manpower, or time please do not scheduled for servicing. It wasted my time waited at home.
I will not recommend anyone for their services.

Now been blocked to comment
The serviceman who called did not mention he is unwell just only said he was stuck with another servicing job and no able to come over.
U can see they feedback one bad remark given they will block the reply comment.

They did a very good job servicing my aircon. Never had I seen serciving work being carried out during a big thunderstorm especially in a high rise unit like mine. They had to open the window and got themselves drenched in order to inspect the compressor. Not forgetting the rain and strong wind that was blowing into my house. They did a good job in dismouting, cleaning, disinfecting and remounting my unit. Good job. I will recomend your services to my friends and family

Used these guys twice. 1st was because the air-con wasn’t cold and I needed an overhaul however when their technicians arrived, they were not willing to perform the overhaul because of their fear that after the air-con is overhauled, it will cease to work. Thus, they performed a basic cleaning of $60.

The second time, I had to engage them again was due to a leakage in the air-con which occurred after the 1st servicing. Never once this air-con leaked. After the second servicing, the air-con was good for 1 month+ after which the leakage happened again.

Once bitten twice shy. I am obviously not looking for this company again.

Guess what? I engaged another company which charged cheaper and did an overhaul for me.

One word – Engage them at your own risk.

hi thank you very much for your service.
your crew were very polite n respectful. they carried out their task in a very professional manner. I was surprised when the used a plastic wrap to cover the area around the air con. this is SERVICE!!!. I was so comfortable that I just watched TV while the carried out their task. once again pls tell your crew ‘Thank you very much ‘

We engaged their service and when we feedback to them on our aircon unit not as cool as before, they were very prompt in getting their technicians to re-visit. They did not just service but explained what they hv done and the implication. Keep up the good service.

Aircon guys were friendly, honest, fast (done in less than an hour), and helped to explain what was wrong with it. And their servicing was so affordable. Hope the AC cools for months. Will engage for another servicing in future. Thanks Aircon Arena… we can sleep with comfort tonight!!

I’m glad to have chosen Aircon Arena tdy to service my aircon. Their servicemen are efficient and professional. Work was carried out swiftly and neatly without mess. There’s even a 1 month warranty extended! Price is reasonable. They are so much better than the other company which I hv engaged twice in the last couple of years starting with Gain….🙂 so call Aircon Arena now! 🙂

Tried their service last friday , the guys were prompt on time and did a run though w my aircon before quoting me the actual price, like the fact that they go though everything before quoting me and i am very happy tat my problem for 3 months have been solve though them, would recommend them to my friends as the price is reasonable and his technician were very professional

I would like to thank Aircon Arena for the service and promptness of your team fixing our AC.. The honesty of being no hidden charges as agreed. My husband was amazed too as he’s expecting may incur other charges as usually does from other servicing company.

Will definitely recommend you to my friends.

Keep up the good job and I’ll be your loyal customer from now on

I got their air con chemical service on 08/08/16. Their service was excellent! They took out the entire 3units of air con and washed, totally different from my previous service. I able to see all the dirt and strains cleared off and now the air con are like brand new!

Thanks Aircon Arena! 🙂

At first i was unsure of their service. After reading all the reviews, i decided to engage them. Their technician Ah bee & Ah siong did a great job. They check throughly the condition of my aircon ( as mine was the very old unit as i just bought the resale flat). They also explain the pro & cons of the aircon unit. Overall i really satiesfied with their service & will engage them again in the future. Thumbs up for Aircon Arena

On 8th September 2016, I asked for their specialists to look into my air-con. Don’t hesitate to engage this air-con servicing needs! They are a responsible, truthful and honest company! This is the first time I requested this company and they do their work properly and make sure you’re satisfied!! I highly highly recommend Aircon Arena to my friends and anyone out there. They’re very responsive to their FB messages and are very friendly. Had a very pleasant time talking to them

It’s our first time engaging their services as they came highly recommended by a good friend of ours. 1 of the technicians suffered a cut whilst doing our chemical overhaul but held his cool, attended to the bleeding cut and carried on his work. The other technician was very thoughtful to inform me that he was going to on the vacuum which was going to be pretty loud as my baby was taking his nap. Professional services!

Engaged Arena aircon 2 times…
1st time was unit not cold, thought need chemical overhaul, ended up it was a capacitor problem, replaced it and all was well…
2nd time was unit rained water which requires a chemical overhaul.
Happy that aircon was cold and good after chemical overhaul, considering mine is an old old unit…
Impressed with their fast response and service.
Both times, their men were professional, able to answer my questions and will only do the necessary to solve the problem without additional add-ons or upselling (which I think all owners are worried/scared abt).
Prices were clearly quoted after checking, before any job commenced..
This review is written after 3 weeks of the chemical overhaul to ensure everything is good order before I give a truthful review…
Thank you Arena Aircon!

It was easy to make appointment over fb. I was able to get a slot that is just a couple of days away. The guys came and get to work quickly. They are very thorough in their cleaning and they make sure to lay plastic sheets to protect our furniture. The aircon is like new now as promised by the guys. =) oh I was doing chemical cleaning and they bring the whole unit down to clean. Very impt.

Their service was good. I communicated with them via fb messenger only but they were very efficient in telling me the problems of my a/c, quoted me the prices and even fixing the appointments. Prices were reasonable compared to others that quoted me. They came over 3 times but were late once and I was quite worried as the appointment was in the evening. Though it was quite dark, they did their best and fixed the a/c. Thanks to Singh and his partner..

4th august 2016,Thursday,I engaged them to come check my aircon because one unit that’s frequently used is not cold compared to the other room unit which was hardly used. Found that it was dirty so I decided to swop the two unit around as they had the same btu. They commented that my compressor was dirty too and recommended a normal wash on the compressor. Gas was at 10bars n with no apparent leakages. Paid them $190 Sgd For this.

For next 2 nights, my aircon was running well….Until the 3rd night. The entire electricity in my house was tripped by the aircon after it ran for few hours. I feedback this to them and they say they would come and check.

So after national day, they came by on 11th august 2016 , thursday at 330pm (after making me wait for them from 11am to 2pm!!! With no show!! 4 hours!!) . They open up my compressor and God knows what they did?! My whole house electricity tripped immediately thereafter!! And they say… your aircon system very old already.. compressor shorted! Before I engaged them, aircon was not cold only. I do not have problems with my compressor. They say like the lifespan is up and told me to get a replacement unit. I say ok.. prepare quotation for me first and I will consider. But their attitude sucks big time! Since Thursday till now.. no signs of wanting to quote for the replacement as they felt I was too angry with them ( who won’t be angry with them??? For possible damage to my compressor due to their bad servicing?).

I won’t recommend anyone to engage them for any aircon servicing. My aircon worked for 2 days only after engaging them!!! And the person I dealt with commented that my condenser overheat and water dried up (but didn’t tell me on first day of servicing and only say my compressor only dirty? ) . If they had told me on the day itself, I may have just opted to replace my entire aircon with brand new ones instead.
I have messages exchange with them as evidence . They just denied responsibilities as my aircon system is 10 years old and put all to blame for lifespan issues.

Super pissed and frustrated with them as there is no closure from them!!!

Hello prospective clients if you are looking for fast service & attention, look no further Arena Aircon is the best in Singapore. They are very fast response proactive. 😀
So far Arena has been my 2nd service provider after one of the giant service provider i will keep this private without disclosed the name. Arena is convenient via FB, i need not have to call and wait for a month for service. Altogether i have 3 repair service with Arena and i will continue to support the service. The guys are very active & fast solved my LG AC issues on the spot on my 1st svc on 19th May: Replacing the parts within 2 days eg. Power supply, cables, CDU, including tighten all connection. 2nd svc on 23rd May: Supply / replaced discharge pipe themister for CDU, PCB and tighten connection. 3rd svc on 1st June: Troubleshoot x1 FCU, checked PCB, Compressor & checked level, exchanging the magnet valve from my dining room to Master room. See this service is great value to customer. I will continue to try for another more cleaning service with Arena. Appreciate so much grateful, will continue to go for another service with you soon. A big thank you to you Arena you rock! 😀

They came to service my 7 years air cond last week. They did a good job by taking out the parts to chemical wash and fix it back again. When the fix it back, found the Mother broad is not working, they replace a new one without changing me. They say it may be the worker that had damage it. Very please and happy with their service. Will keep using their service. Thanks for the good work.

Look no further for your aircon servicing needs! They are a responsible, truthful and honest company! They do their work properly and make sure you’re satisfied unlike other aircon service companies that just wanna get the job done and leave the house. In fact they saved me money when one of their staff (Yang) solved a predicament of my aircon situation that years of aircon servicing from my previous contractor could not fix. I highly highly recommend Aircon Arena to my friends and anyone out there. They’re very responsive to their FB messages and are very friendly. Had a very pleasant time talking to them