Common Aircon Problems, Aircon Servicing and Repair Singapore

What are the common aircon problems in Singapore? Do you need to repair your aircon?

Aircon Not Cold
Aircon is not able to cool down the room after you have switched it on for some time. This is one of the most common aircon problems. Some of us may just ignore it, thinking that the hot weather is the reason for the poor performance of the aircon. However, there can be a few possible causes behind the poor performance which you may wish to investigate.

Aircon Leakage
Aircon Leakage can be minor and occasional dripping or can be water pouring continuously from the aircon’s Fan Coil.  Whether it is dripping or pouring, immediate action should be taken to prevent the deterioration of air quality due to the rapid growth of mold and bacteria from the accumulated water inside the aircon.

Aircon Switches Off by Itself
There can be instances when the aircon switches off by itself when you are in the middle of your dreams or while enjoying your favourite television program. This is also a common problem. We suggest that you perform some simple tasks to resolve it.

To avoid all these problems and minimize aircon repair, read about aircon servicing and maintenance. Regardless of whether it is aircon servicing, aircon repairs, aircon installation or aircon chemical overhaul, call us at (+65) 6257 3363 or email us at email@enquiry@airconarena.com.sg to get a quotation.

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